The Team

Hollybush Youth Camp is run by a committed group of leaders and volunteers who have mostly attended the camp since being young people themselves. Yes they loved Youth Camp so much they never wanted to leave so became youth leaders instead! As we can’t show you the whole team, here is a taster of some of the faces you will come to recognise and love this year. 

2016-11-11-14-22-40Jon Lee

Event Organiser.

Jon was himself impacted as a young person at Hollybush Youth Camp. He has been leading this ministry for the last 11 years and loves every second of it! Fun fact: Jon loves the bible story of Noah. A fond memory of one of his first youth groups is his many weeks teaching on the story. Let just say, they definitely learned to love the story too!


Tony Batty

Youth Worker

Tony has been instrumental in helping other churches get youth groups off the ground. His passion is to see young people grasp what God thinks of them. Fun fact: Tony loves playing practical jokes on people. Watch out for this prankster during the weekend!

13323587_733147373454416_467841385286566205_oKirsty Lee

Youth Worker

Kirsty is the youngest member of our leadership team. She loves to sing and dance and follows her heart to use her talents for Jesus! Kirsty is passionate about being a true worshipper of God through music and leading others. Her passion for leading worship is always first priority although her love of all things Disney and musical theatre follows in a close second.

Ric Bedicer2016-11-11-14-45-23


Ric is the former youth pastor and church pastor for Philippine Outreach Centre Ministries. He grew up in the Philippines and came to the UK with his wife, Rachel and 3 children in 2011. Ric has overcome many obstacles in his life through faith and trust in God, and he is enthusiastic about encouraging other young people to encounter God and overcome in their own lives too.

Rachel Bedicer

Rachel is Ric’s wife and was working as a missionary in the Philippines when she met Ric. She is passionate about praise and worship and loves to serve God in many different capacities. You’ll often find Rachel singing worship songs to herself wherever she goes!

Lynsey Green

Lynsey lives in Chester and has been working with children and young people for many years. She wants people to know they are loved by Jesus and that in Jesus they can find hope and purpose for their lives. Lynsey is married to Ed and they have 4 children… She also loves drinking tea a little bit too much.

Ed Green

Ed is a church leader in Chester. He is passionate about people following Jesus and helping them to disciple others. He loves leading worship and seeing others encounter God. He is probably the tallest person on our team and likes to have a lot of fun.


* We all love a big name but they shouldn’t be the main attraction, Jesus is.

* I have always had a heart for developing young people to realise their potential in God. So stretching and encouraging our leaders from a young age to become our event speakers has reaped rich rewards for those that have previously attended our conferences. They see young men and women passionate about God, sharing a faith that enriches, challenges and purposes a desire to find more about the God that they have come to know through their own experiences. They preach from solid doctrinal teaching that they have sat under.

* I believe young people identify that they too can be used of God when they see other young people not much older than them passionate about a real relationship with God

* If God can speak through a donkey then He can speak through one of our young leaders to tremendously impact your life just as easy as a well known name can.

* Our speakers are here throughout the weekend so they are accessible and also so they are aware how God has been speaking to us.