Hollybush FAQs…….

So we thought we needed to tell you a bit about the Hollybush site and what you need so here we go…

 If you any questions we haven’t answered please get in touch with Jon Lee on 07748482261      

He loves answering questions! 

What do I need to bring?

– a Bible, pen and notebook to take notes. This way you’ll remember far more and will be able to help others with what you have learned when you go home. It’s always great to pass on what you have received from God!

– fancy dress for one of the afternoon sessions.

sensible footwear wellies if it’s wet, trainers as there will be lots of walking/climbing on our day out on the Monday.

– warm clothing, PJs, bedding, air bed, pillow It can get cold at night when camping.

a tent because you don’t want to sleep in a field without one. That would just be awkward.



– torch (or phone with a torch) will come in handy at night

-notepads, small photoframes, anything small you would like to decorate. We will be having a decopatch workshop so bring something you would like to decorate. Don’t worry if you don’t have anything we will provide a few small things for you to use.

– Please dress modestly at all times throughout the weekend.

Please be aware that anything that you bring (i.e. phones, money, ipads etc) is at your own risk and is your responsibility during the weekend.

A Little bit of info about the campsite and the weekend

How much do the showers cost?

There are 3 showers in both the ladies and gents toilets in the main church which are free to use. The caravan park toilet block on site also has two showers each but you will have to pay between 20p for 5 minutes.

Is there somewhere to straighten my hair? What about charging my phone?

There are plug sockets and places for you to straighten your hair in the church shower/toilet areas.  There are also plug sockets around the cafe area and church that can be used to charge your phone. However, not everyone will be able to do this at once and you must make sure it is both safe to do so and that you are happy to take responsibility for your own phone.

Is food included in the price on the Friday night?

Unfortunately there is no food provided on the Friday night because the café facilities are used jointly on that night with the main Hollybush Church meeting. However, food is available to buy on the Friday night around 9.30pm. Every other day there will be 3 healthy meals provided per day.

Is there somewhere to buy sweets and drinks throughout the weekend?

Yes there will be a tuck shop open in the mornings, afternoons and evenings if you require a sugar rush.

Can our youth group camp together?

Yes, but please allow some segregation between boys and girls tents. Note: Tents are single sex (married couples exempt). Any youth/young adults found in opposite sex tents or caravans at any time will be asked to leave the site).

Are all meetings Compulsory?

The morning devotionals are optional (but you don’t want to miss them! 😉 ) but all other meeting and afternoon sessions are compulsory.

Is there time so we can get to know each other?

Yes we have made time during our afterhours sessions late in the evening where you can chill out together and there will be special mocktails and milkshakes to buy.

Can I go offsite on my own or with friends?

There is no reason other than when we go out on the Monday for anyone to go off site. If for any reason you need to go off site then this needs to be pre-approved with the church office. (This is for your safety and the safety of the camp. Anyone who disregards these safety measures will be asked to leave site).

Are there any areas where I MUST NOT GO ON SITE?

Yes, the camp is based on a working farm for this reason there are certain areas that are out of bounds to maintain the safety of everyone onsite. These out of bounds areas will be highlighted on the first night. (Anyone who disregards these safety measures will be asked to leave site).

Can I bring Pets with me?

No; please understand that this is a working sheep farm therefore no pets are allowed on the site.

What do I do if I am currently on Medication?

Please inform the office as soon as you get on site so that our First Aider is made aware of any mediation that you are taking.

How much money do I need to bring?

You will only need money for food on Friday night, showers, additional drinks and any sweets you may wish to buy.

Can I come for the day ?
yes; you are welcome to attend for the day during Saturday-Sunday. However, the Monday trip to Aerial Extreme is for those who are attending the full weekend due to the nature of travel arrangements and activity plans. Please also note that there is a charge of £15/person for day visitors paid on arrival at the Hollybush office.

If you have anymore questions please contact us